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As a football bettor, the best thing you can do is to pay attention. Being in league with football news and trends will give you an edge over other bettors. But make sure that you are tuned into the best football predictions online right here at MAXTIPS.CO. There are lots of sites out there promising football predictions but our tipsters not just give tips, but reasons and analysis too, which means that here you get the best of the lot.

Winning on a consistent basis is a big possibility with our football predictions tips.


How to choose football bets to wager on?


The most important thing to remember with football betting is that you need to choose value bets. Just winning bets won’t do, you need to make a profit, and for that you need to find our recommendations for best football predictions and tips. Here are some factors:

  • A value bet is where the probability of the event happening is greater than what the odds the bookmakers put on it.

  • Finding value bets is something even experienced bettors have trouble with. Our correct score betting techniques will teach you how to pick value bets.

  • It is best to choose uncomplicated bets to place wagers on in the beginning. After you get comfortable with soccer betting, you can always find the best football predictions in more varieties.


Why choose us?


Finding value bets that help you win a consistent amount of money throughout the football season is not easy. At MAXTIPS.CO, you have got yourself a partner who can help you find value bets.

  • Injuries: Get news of injuries quickly so that bookies cannot react fast enough and you get to make a tidy profit.

  • Team news: Get news of team management decisions before the bookies so that you can some valuable correct score betting moves to use.

  • Player news: Get news of professional players and their affairs fast so that you can decide whether it is going to affect their on-field antics.

  • Statistics: Find relevant statistics that will help you find out which team is the most probable to win or what the end score is going to be like.


Best predictions in soccer


At MAXTIPS.CO, we bring you the most relevant and accurate statistics and tips from the world of football.

  • Total score

  • Over-under

  • Asian handicap

We cover all the above and more predictions so that you have the ability to choose what to place your wager on.

Betting on football can be unbelievably lucrative. With our experienced tipsters using a wide variety of in-depth analysis and statistics to arrive at predictions, we can assure you that with us you are on the right track. Pay attention to our site and you will find that winning consistently does not take much. Making some serious cash all through the football season is highly possible as long as you stay with us.


Star Tips Records

24/01/21 SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice vs Teplice 0 : 1/2 - - Pending
23/01/21 Southampton vs Arsenal 1/4 : 0 Southampton 1-0 Win
23/01/21 Rapid Wien vs Sturm Graz 0 : 1/4 Sturm Graz 4-1 Lose
22/01/21 Atlanta vs Ferro Carril Oeste 0 : 1/4 Atlanta 2-1 Win
21/01/21 Bahia vs Athletico Paranaense 0 : 1/4 Bahia 1-0 Win

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Premium Tips Records

24/01/21 1860 Muenchen vs Meppen - - - Pending
24/01/21 Pau vs Troyes 3/4 : 0 Troyes 0-1 Win
23/01/21 Sete vs Cholet 0 : 1/4 Cholet 0-0 Win
22/01/21 Vitoria de Guimaraes vs Nacional 0 : 3/4 Vitoria de Guimaraes 3-1 Win
21/01/21 Montevideo Wanderers vs Danubio 0 : 1/4 Montevideo Wanderers 2-0 Win

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Correct Score Tips Records

Score & Odds
26/01/21 - - - Pending
22/01/21 Lazio vs Parma Calcio 1913 2-1 & 2-0 2-1 (x9) Win
16/01/21 Ajman vs Al Fujairah 2-1 & 2-0 2-1 (x11) Win
09/01/21 Alloa Athletic vs Cove Rangers 2-3 & 2-2 2-3 (x23) Win
05/01/21 Audax Italiano vs Union Espanola 2-2 & 2-1 2-2 (x11) Win

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